From Avengers to Stranger Things: What You Can Get on Free Comic Book Day

A girl reading a comic book in a library
Joe Ciciarelli

The 18th annual Free Comic Book Day is upon us again and on Saturday, May 4, (also Star Wars Day!), comic book shops around the nation will be giving out free comic books to celebrate.

You’ll be able to take your pick of 51 free special editions. Not every shop will have all of the editions, so if you have your heart set on a specific one, call ahead.

Locate your nearest store to check for events and times as free comic books are available on a first come, first serve basis.

More popular shops will host all-day events, including celebrity appearances and fun for the whole family. It’s also a great excuse to wear your superhero costume (again). Some stores will also give away free posters, swag, and other freebies too. After all, it’s an all-day affair!

You can even go to multiple comic book shops and grab your favorites for free while supplies last.

All free special editions are showcased in this video if you want a complete look:

Since Avengers: Endgame just released (no spoilers!) you might be craving for any more information from Marvel and what’s next.

On Saturday, Marvel Comics will set up the next big stories with freebies Avengers and Spider-Man comics that will introduce readers to Savage Avengers and a spotlight on Venom.

If you have comic book readers of all ages in your family, NPR goes through the list and breaks it down.

Support Your Local Comic Book Shop

While you’re there at the shop, try and buy something too.

Even though the special edition comic books are free to you, the shops still have to purchase the books to give them away. So if you enjoy getting free comic books, help support your local shop so they continue to be a part of Free Comic Book Day!

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